Backyard Improvisations

For this first collaboration, we teamed up with Andrej Drožđan, an artist from Zagreb. Andrej interpreted Iliya silk scarves in his own way. We were drawn to him because he had a special eye for details, balance, and colors.

What inspires you in your work?

Usually, I can get inspired by any everyday detail or situation. Wherever I go, I pay attention to details that motivate me to interpret them in my work – whether it’s a walk through the city or scrolling through online space. Combining and researching how colors, shapes, textures, and materials function together is where my focus automatically goes.

In which medium do you find yourself most?

I would say it’s a blend of digital illustrations, designs, and collages. There are also media like photos and installations that feel necessary to my work and to which I often return.

How would you describe Iliya?

Iliya is simple and playful at the same time. It’s designed with quality in mind and has a curated feel. I like how each of the visuals has been meticulously crafted to the smallest detail while still maintaining an effortless aesthetic. Beautiful patterns blend fashion and art, and collaborations with artists spread the whole Iliya story even more than just scarf pieces.

What was your inspiration for this project?

It was hot outside, the peak of summer. I took the photos in my backyard. I waited for the sun to rise to a certain point and for the shadows to settle the way I wanted. The idea of a summer day and its simplicity and relaxation inspired me. The heat, the need for refreshment, shadow and shade excited me that day.

How did Iliya scarves inspire you for this shoot?

Each scarf individually inspired me with its color palette. I visually emphasized the colors and patterns inside the scarves by associating them with nearby objects. This guided me to build the different elements within the series of these photographs.

To see more of Andrej work, go to his Instagram profile @nemogu or https://andrejdrozdan.tumblr.com/

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