About Iliya

We found our inspiration from observations and everyday things that surround us. In the realm of fashion and design, Iliya will be focused on creating one object at a time — For the space we live in, and for the pieces we wear.

The first one is a scarf.

A scarf is accessory to heroines of slavic folk and fairy tales, and for us a scarf is one of the main accents in the wardrobe.

Our capsule silk scarf collection imprints free form patterns in silk twill. We see each pattern as improvisation. Drawings start as a gesture, in ink or watercolour and are embodied with Italian silk craftsmanship. Scarves could be impressions of tree barks in winter or of a walk through an island quarry in mid summer. They are abstract in appearance but literal in emotion.

Iliya is founded by Ena Čuček in 2022.

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