About Iliya

Our goal is to share our passion for bold prints, vibrant colors, and selected materials—each piece and pattern from the collection inspired by phenomenon. Our design and interest are on a merge between fashion and homeware. We found our inspiration from observations and everyday things that surround us.

Iliya, or Iliya Muromets, to be precise, is the name for the Russian folk hero who is brave and uncompromised. Same as we see everyone who steps into the Iliya world.
Iliya’s name became a synonym of an outstanding physical and spiritual power and integrity. Until today it is still a mystery was Iliya a real person or not.

Style & quality

Our goal is to share our passion to bold patterns, vibrant colours and quality materials. And that each and everyone can express themselves and put an accent in the everyday life.

Iliya is founded by Ena Čuček in 2021.

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